Keeping customers happy and loyal in an increasingly competitive environment is not easy – and it’s getting harder by the day.

Frontline employees often have trouble communicating with and relating to your customers, particularly with the variety of unpredictable circumstances that may arise.

The solution is quite easy – more experience.  An employee with more experience has greater ability to empathize with the customer, thereby discovering and anticipating needs.

But, how do you impart years of experience — or empathy — to not just one employee, but to hundreds and thousands?  GoVenture can help.

With a GoVenture customer empathy experience, employees can actually live the customer experience.



Profitable Relationships



GoVenture gives your employees a better understanding of the needs of a customer, and helps them to know what products or solutions are needed when.


GoVenture improves your employees’ confidence, which in turn helps them successfully solve challenging client situations when they arise.


The confidence and experience imparted by GoVenture results in better customer relations with customers, an improved corporate image, increased word-of-mouth marketing — and that brings new customers.

Save Time, Reduce Costs


Understanding the needs of a customer helps employees focus on the key issues, so they can use their time and their customers’ time more efficiently. More time is spent selling products and managing accounts, instead of training customers.


GoVenture provides on-demand experiences to your employees, reducing employee down time. GoVenture offers accelerated experience so employees gain more in less time.