GoVenture business simulations put you in the role of CEO and operator of a small or large business.  It’s your business.

You make the decisions.  You succeed or fail.  But, unlike in the real world, with a simulation, even failure is success.  You now know what doesn’t work and can try again – no harm done.  In fact, you’ve just gained valuable experience.  We learn more from our mistakes than our successes.

Are your people learning from on-the-job mistakes that negatively impact your business?  You need GoVenture.

Imagine an organization where every employee shares a common vision and acts like an experienced businessperson.  Enable every employee to experience what it’s like to run the business and empathize with customers, managers, and coworkers.  With empathy comes understanding, improved loyalty, morale, productivity, and profit.

Employee Experience



Let your decision-makers experience the entire business, test initiatives, and make mistakes in a risk-free environment, not while on the job.

Management Experience

WHITE PAPER (PDF): A Franchiser’s Best Solution to Choosing the Right People

Franchise Selection and Experience


Every successful business person knows that you can’t teach business.  But, you can learn it — through experience.


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